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GALLO assists companies and NGOs to reach their own animal protection and sustainbale food goals.

Our focus is to

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What we offer

Strenghtening the turn towards sustainable food systems

Our consulting offer comprises

  • Impact analyses
  • political campaigning
  • Targeted donations
  • Dialogue

Impact assessments

GALLO complements classical tools of impact assessments for policy options with innovative criteria to assess the consequences for (all) animals and the environment

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Political campaigning

GALLO accompanies organisations to bring their innovative policy recommendations to the next level. This includes strategic advises and network building.

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Targetet donations

We asses strategies and projects that make the difference in food and animal welfare/ justice matters. And advise donors and foundations accordingly.

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On contentious matters, we develop and accompany innovative ways to bring different actors together and seek common solutions and compromises.

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turning ideas into strategies

Even the best arguement does not help, if it misses its way to the audience and practice: campaigning, lobbying, dialogue, social media – innovative ideals and implementation strategies belong together. GALLO-teams are selected individually, integrating experts from the relevant fields. This allows to use limited financial ressources of smaller organisations and companies targeted and efficiently.

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“Food needs politics, and politics is not for humans only”

Dr. Philipp von Gall


Dr. Philipp von Gall

As an agricultural political scientist (PhD) by profession, I gathered over teen years of experience in animal protection politics and compaining. I have worked as a post-doc researcher at the University of Hohenheim for three years, and since then work as a lecturerer in food and agricultural politics. As a consultant, I have been sucessfully implementing projects with larger German NGOs in the consumer protection, environmental and animal protection field.

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Consultancy for food & animal politics

Dr. Philipp von Gall

E-mail kontakt@philippvongall.de
Telefon 0178-2118498
Matterhornstr. 67 • 14129 Berlin