takADEMIE # 1 "Togetherness of All Species"

takADEMIE is the new, contextual, transdisciplinary event series at and by the tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin. Through a multitude of formats such as lectures, discussion, artistic laboratiories and presentations, we aim to reach interdisciplinary artists and a wide public. The inauguartory edition will focus on relations, behaviours and perspectives of humans towards anitmals and other species.

The artistic journey TOGETHERNESS examines whether we can overcome, modify or curtail anthropocentrism and the resulting consequences for the societies we inhabit: Can political representation and social participation be extended to other species? I accompanied this first takADEMIE as a Co-Curator and consultant.

Please find the program of the conference here: togetherness_konferenz_programm_en